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What's Going On

Happy 4th of July, U.S gamers! Be safe and have fun!

Original Original Original Original Original Original

Luna Valley Laid Waste

Too bad, Herald, your Oratory is silenced

Sarith City Win

High Priest Dead, Prexus Grateful to Sanity`s Edge Raiders

Please remember to VOTE on Probationary Members!

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Catch of the Day or Beached Golem?

Illdaera's Vengeance

Cazic Died

Don't fear the reaper... or his twin brother... or the giant poop monster... oh wait, sorry Cazic!

Bai Bai Al'Kabor

Sorry, Al' Kabor, you didn't really destroy the world, but we are happy to knock you off your pyramid and take your stuff.
Sanity's Edge

This is the home of Sanity's Edge, an EverQuest guild on Povar Server.

We're about fun, and we don't tolerate drama. We work toward advancement and game progression, in a casual, fun setting.

We pursue existing content as well as new expansions as they are released. We recruit good established members as well as some less-experienced players, and we encourage couples and family members to consider us together.

For more information contact an officer in game and we'll be happy to answer any questions.